Subconsciously when people say 'social media rules our lives' we just ignore them and say it doesn't. We control our usage of social media don't we? Well, when it comes to the lives of the web and graphics designers, that's another story.
Facebook within the past month has officially changed their brand identity leading many to be off-put, or simply trying to ignore the fact. I guess we just don't like change. After spending some time reading though the new brand guidelines for Facebook it just grew on me. If you want to disrupt the peace and make the tireless job of advertisers, marketers and online personalities even more complicated, change the damn logo! I guess after a while of scrolling through the hate messages regarding the selling of personal info and alike, Zuck was probably like 'You know what? Stuff them, they'll do whatever we tell them.' He's right.
Simply put, it's not legally needed to follow the new Facebook branding guide, but, to stay-up-date like we always like to be (or at least), here's what's happened:
Facebook has changed their official colour from a more pan-tone blue to a more bright navy-blue which most of their own advertising and website material are still lagging behind with. On top os this, Facebook has also mixed up their centre-right 'f' to a central position with a circle - this time not the rounded-edge-square, but a circle! According to their style guide, they have rejected the previous rounded-edge and now use the circle. Although looking with the iOS App version alongside the 'official' branding asset, their flagship application is lagging behind a lot whilst continuing with the rounded square as well as a gradient-style approach with their new colour (just saying they don't like have gradients according to the guidelines).
What comes to mind is that maybe not everyone at Facebook are happy about this new-age approach. But according to Zuck he's red-green colourblind and can only see shades of blue. What made him change his mind to THIS shade though?

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