Thanks for coming by and checking out this small corner of the web that depending on who looks at this - this site is meaningless or something really worth while.

My name is Perry Thorp. I am a graphics designer and online marketer. It is my passion to equip everyone with tools in navigating through the twenty-first century, a time that no-one knows what will happen next and if technology today will be here tomorrow.

For the past few years I have connected with many people in many situations. What I have learnt is that no matter who or what we are all loved by an awesome creator and deserve to all be respected and loved by one another.
I grew up in a small(ish) town in Victoria Australia, this is where no one really does much but drive to other places to work and then come back for coffee. Eventually, I went around the place capturing people’s stories and why they do what they do. I found myself in many different moments varying from supporting dying non-profits to founding and influencing thriving organisations and businesses.
At this current moment in my life, I don’t know where God wants me but I am open to whatever He throws my way.
Bring it on!
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